Purge into service

When a new gas system has been installed or if major pipework or system components replacement has taken place purging into service will need to be carried out. To mitigate the risk of accidental ignition an insert gas (usually carbon dioxide) is inserted to the system to dilute/remove any concentrations of oxygen . Purging can also be also done to remove dirt or debris that could  have a negative impact on the system.

Purge out of service

When the system/plant room as whole or in part is no longer required and is to be removed purging out of service will need to be done. De-commissioning is used to eliminate all residual gas in the pipes so that when the removal of pipeworks or demolition of a building takes place, unpredictable explosions or release of dangerous gases will not take place.

Gas tightness test

Before purging, a gas tightness test must be carried out to test
the soundness of the pipework. It can also be carried out during  routine
gas safety inspections.

Gas tightness test are not always a legal requirement
for commercial boilers, but are usually conducted as part of  annual gas safety
inspections. This is to make certain that any gas installations are safe for use. If a gas leak is suspected it can also be undertaken to check the system.

In the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, it
is stated that any business owner is answerable for ensuring that gas
installations located on their land is safe. for this reason a tightness
test is normally included in annual gas safety inspections, they
ensure there are no gas leaks and all pipework is maintained and installed
in the correct way.

Gas strength test

All new industrial or commercial pipework is required to pass a strength test (STP), sometimes referred to as a pressure test.

A strength test is use to identify any minor or major failures in pipework systems and will highlight where any flaws are located.

A strength test is required prior to tightness testing.



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